Barcelona Cultura
Barcelona Libraries

Biblioteques de Barcelona, a local service

The library network provides every city resident with free access to information and knowledge and promotes reading. It does this through its open and varied collections and programmes, in connection with other cultural, social and educational players in the territory. Libraries are amenities that look to the future, with a strong commitment to providing new technology access, training and use.

Open and quality spaces

Libraries are locally based, public social centres open to everyone. They foster relations between users and participation in activities. Their service charters ensure democratic access to information, conveying knowledge, training, ongoing education, self-education and leisure. They are active, boosting, revitalising spaces, cultural benchmarks in the territory and capable of adapting themselves to the demands of the public and of progressing to detecting informational, training and cultural requirements.

User diversity

– Some 50% of the city’s residents have a library card.

– Users go to libraries on foot, and do so 8 times a year on average.

– Women overtake men by almost ten points when it comes to library subscribers (55% women / 45% men).

– As for adults, the most frequent users are people who work, have an average level of education and a good knowledge of technologies.

– Over 22% of library subscribers are originally from outside the EU, a similar percentage to the one which represents the city’s residents.