Barcelona Cultura
Creativity and exploring new languages in different artistic disciplines is one of the outstanding features of culture in Barcelona. Year after year, new spaces where emerging culture finds vital support are springing up across Barcelona. These are innovative and multidisciplinary spaces that offer resources, instruments and services so that creators and artists can develop their creations.

With the programme Art Factories, the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB, Culture Institute of Barcelona) has responded to a historical demand on behalf of artists and groups who voiced their need for well-equipped spaces for creation and artistic research. Currently, this network is made up of ten publicly owned and privately managed centres, most of which are located in industrial spaces that are no longer in use.

It took several years to set up the network and then, in 2012, a process began to define a basic information system and a set of minimum data to describe the activity and the management of the different centres. From the outset, this work has been done together with the managers of the facilities who have analysed, shared, agreed on and validated some initial data that you’ll find in this section and that represent a step forward in the analysis of these spaces.

Work is on-going and we hope to be able to broaden the information both with the incorporation of new indicators to the set of quantitative data and with the qualitative analysis of the work that is being carried out in these facilities, an analysis that will allow for a better description of the work that is being developed in the sphere of creation.