Barcelona Cultura

Grants/transfers ICUB

Of all the policies and initiatives undertaken by the Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council) through the Institut de Cultura (ICUB, Culture Institute), grant allocation is probably the most relevant for the city’s private cultural sector. Aside from large facilities, normally managed through foundations or consortiums that receive funds directly from the Municipal Administration, the various calls for grants are the instrument through which the City Council supports the city’s intense cultural activity.

The call for grants for cultural activities encompasses most facets of the city’s cultural life: facilities and cultural venues; many festivals, showings and cycles, which make Barcelona’s entertainment pages some of the most extensive and varied; a large number of professionals with interesting projects; and budding talents and people hoping for the chance to make themselves known.

For this reason, the call for grants is an excellent instrument for gauging the health of the cultural sector; it’s a precise indicator of its vitality, its power of initiative and its imagination as well as showcasing the new trends that are appearing on Barcelona’s cultural scene. Running parallel to this call for grants, the ICUB has another grant system that, instead of developing activities, is aimed at providing private companies and organisations with financial support to invest in technical equipment or premises renovation.

In this section you’ll find a unique file that lists the funding that Barcelona City Council has made through the ICUB to public or private bodies – whether they be direct transfers, grants or contractual agreements. This information makes it possible to see the total contributions from all sources made to any particular entity. These data are only available in this format from 2014 as data for previous years are not homogenous enough to be linkable and comparable.