Barcelona Cultura
Cultural festivals

Every year Barcelona hosts approximately 200 festivals from all sorts of artistic disciplines. It’s a very vibrant sector, but also one that’s very diverse, with many different proposals in terms of size, duration, impact, etc. Indeed, the great variety of events encompassed by the term festival makes subsequent analysis more difficult.

From the Observatori de Dades Culturals de Barcelona (Barcelona Cultural Data Observatory), in partnership with the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia) we have set in motion a process to expand our knowledge of cultural festivals. This process should lead us to a good definition of the concept (and to establish differences with other formats, such as showings, seasons, or cycles) as well as to helping us to decide the key data that need to be collected and analysed.

In the meantime, the data we have for this section are derived from censuses (edition, dates, location…), valuable information, nevertheless, as it draws attention to the sector’s potential. We would also like to point out that cultural festivals that are programmed exclusively on the internet, which are increasingly commonplace, are not included in this section as audiences aren’t located specifically in Barcelona.

Finally, in this section you’ll also find key data for cultural fairs that are held over the course of the year, mainly in the field of literature and the visual arts.