Barcelona Cultura

One of the most complex aspects when working with cultural indicators is the classification of facilities and the selection of basic indicators for each type of centre.

For the past few years in the statistics compiled by the Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council), with the approval of the centres involved, we’ve grouped centres and their data according to the indicators that describe their activity. In the case of museums, one of the indicators often used is the number of visitors. Other types of facility, such as some archives, host a regular programme of temporary exhibitions and, consequently, visitors are also counted. Consequently, in this section you’ll find data on centres that share this indicator, including some archives.

In terms of public, the historical confusion generated by the terms visitors and users, for the museum and exhibition centre sector of Barcelona, has gradually been overcome (see the glossary on the home page), and we now have homogenous, linkable and comparable data on public for the vast majority of the city’s centres.

The challenge we’re now faced with is to broaden our horizons to include other indicators that help describe the vibrancy of these centres. We have to widen the scope and describe what exhibitions are held, the number of activities organised and for whom, the collections they have, the objects acquired, studied, exhibited, loaned, etc.

In this website you’ll find a considerable amount of this information, whether it be with data that you can download or with subject-specific reports that we present over the course of the year.