Barcelona Cultura

A survey of the cultural needs of citizens

The first survey of the cultural needs of Barcelona’s citizens

Barcelona City Council presents its first survey of the cultural needs of Barcelona’s citizens, the diverse forms of their participation and involvement in the city’s cultural activities, and their perceptions of the network and activities available in the various districts.

The survey examines the cultural needs, interests and concerns of Barcelona’s population, and the extent and type of their participation in culture.

This project makes Barcelona one of the few cities in the world with a survey on cultural participation that includes a wide range of practices beyond merely attending events, and evidence of inequities in the right to take part in the city’s cultural life.

Given this innovative aspect, it was important for the report analysing the results of the survey to describe the project’s conceptual framework and the process of drafting the questionnaire. Consequently, although the fieldwork was carried out in January and February 2019, the final document is being presented a year later.

This report presents the process of drafting this survey and an analysis of the results.

The survey described and analysed in this report is a Barcelona Institute of Culture project conducted by its Technical Secretariat and the public policy researcher Nicolás Barbieri.