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Night of Museums 2014 (La Nit dels Museus)

Over 160,000 people took part in La Nit dels Museus 2014

The 72 museums of Barcelona and its metropolitan area have celebrated La Nit dels Museus 2014, welcoming more than 160,000 visitors. La Nit dels Museus, which marked its seventh anniversary in Barcelona this year, is an initiative promoted by the Council of Europe with the participation of over 3,000 museums in 40 countries. In our city, this event has been growing year after year, just as is shown by the increase in the number of museums and exhibition spaces which have joined it and the high attendance figures for visitors, a large part of whom are Barcelonans. Ten institutions participated in this year’s La Nit dels Museus for the first time, including such major facilities as the Sant Pau Modernista Complex, Montjuïc Castle and El Born Centre Cultural.

The most visited spaces were MACBA, with 14,329 visitors; the nine centres attached to the Museu d’Història de Barcelona, with 13,435 visitors, and the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, with 12,037 visitors. The large attendance was also clearly seen at the new facilities that have joined the initiative, among which El Born Centre Cultural welcomed 7,915 visitors, the Sant Pau  Modernista Complex received 7,450 and Montjuïc Castle, 2,976.

Profile of the visitors to the Barcelona museums. Survey 2013

Barcelona City Council’s Institut de Cultura (ICUB) has promoted a survey among the municipal museum-goers to determine their profile. This document contains the main results of the survey conducted in 2013.

According to its findings, 83% of the visitors to Barcelona’s museums are from outside Spain and primarily Europeans. The leading countries of origin are France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Summary of results (in Catalan)

Barcelona creative metropolis 2013

The Barcelona City Council has presented Barcelona metròpoli creativa 2013. Economia del coneixement i economia creativa a Barcelona (Barcelona creative metropolis 2013. Knowledge economy and creative economy in Barcelona). This is a detailed study of the knowledge economy, innovation, the information and communication technologies, and the creative industries in Barcelona.

The report was prepared by the Institut d’Estudis Regionals i Metropolitans de Barcelona (IERMB, Barcelona Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies) under commission from the Directorate for Studies of the City Council’s Economy, Business and Employment Area, with the participation of Barcelona City Council’s Institut de Cultura (ICUB).

The study shows that Barcelona is becoming consolidated as a key centre of the knowledge economy, technology and creativity in Catalonia.

Here you’ll find a summary document on the report (only in Catalan).

Barcelona metròpoli creativa 2013

What happens when…

What happens when one compares a survey’s results to the attendance data on the cultural facilities?

For a number of years now Barcelona City Council’s Institut de Cultura (ICUB) has been participating in a survey among Barcelonans (the Òmnibus municipal survey) in which the city’s people are asked, among other questions, whether or not they have taken part in a series of specific cultural activities.

On comparing the results of the survey to the attendance data for theatres, cinemas, museums and libraries, something we already knew was confirmed: instead of providing answers, data often raise additional questions.

Els espectadors de teatre i cinema a Barcelona