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Civic centres indicators: a success

Barcelona’s network of civic centres is consolidating a joint system of indicators to further the knowledge of the activity carried out at these facilities.

The civic centres of the city began to be coordinated by the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB) in 2012 and, among other lines of work which were implemented, the design of a joint system of indicators for the set of centres was started up.

During a period of over two years, a working group formed by district experts, the directors of some of the centres, and culture experts from ICUB defined, pooled and validated this system of indicators with the stakeholders involved.

The work carried out in that period has provided a historical series of data (2014-2016) that allow a deeper analysis and interpretation of the civic centres’ activity.

Today we can determine how many courses or workshops are held each year, how many people attend them, what activities are carried out there, in which ones the participants can be counted and in which ones they cannot, what use the entities make of their available spaces, etc.

Thanks to the participation and interest of all parties involved in the project, we now have a wide-ranging set of data on the civic centres, reflecting a reality which has been marked up to now by very little visibility from the standpoint of cultural indicators.

We invite you to visit the Civic centres 2016 activity report or to download the data on the aforementioned three-year period in the respective section of this website.