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Disposable household income (DHI)

In July, the Municipal Data Office's analysis department published the study ‘Disposable Household Income in Barcelona. 2018’, an approach to household incomes.

Compared to previous studies, the main new feature is a change in the calculation method used: for the first time, the DHI was calculated based on a direct method and not by using indirect consumption indicators, the method used in previous years. The new calculation method makes it possible to know the structure of household resourcesand the public sector's role in redistribution.

Obtaining data broken down by district and neighbourhood provides important information on the socio-economic characteristics of the population, which is of vital importance for working at a territorial level and for evaluating  public policies aimed at reducing inequalities, also in culture.

Therefore, in September, the results of this study were presented, specifically addressed to ICUB personnel, in the Area of Culture, Education, Science and Community and Libraries.

Further information:

- Presentation of the study to cultural technical personnel (pdf)

- Complete report (external link)