Barcelona Cultura
Performing arts spaces
There are approximately fifty venues on Barcelona’s performing arts map. These spaces encompass all trends, from commercial to cutting-edge, and together they make up a very varied and heterogeneous network, with venues of all sizes and ownerships.

The majority of entities that manage these venues are members of the Associació d’Empreses de Teatre de Catalunya (ADETCA, Association of Theatre Companies of Catalonia), an association that works throughout Catalonia and comprises a truly representative share of the performing arts sector. The data we provide in this section come from the statistics that this organisation gathers, based on the figures provided by the various theatre halls. Figures for some of the more experimental initiatives are lacking as are those for more alternative forms of expression, and some athenaeums, etc. By and large, however, you’ll find reference data for the entire sector that we’ll continue to update in partnership with the players involved.

As mentioned in other sections, this website groups facilities together according to the activity carried out and not exclusively on the type of centre. The case of performing arts is a good example: in this section you’ll find data on theatres but also on museums, large auditoriums, libraries or creation spaces that offer a regular programme of performing arts events.