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Grec 2017 report

Grec 2017 closed with an occupancy of 75% and 113,541 spectators at its 102 programmed shows.

This was the first Grec festival to be directed by Cesc Casadesús and it was structured along two main lines:

  • Grec Montjuïc was focused on national and international productions which were linked to the theme of the festival and which had a shorter programming time. A total of 46 shows were involved, with an average occupancy of 80%.
  • Grec Ciutat featured companies and auditoriums that were programmed for longer periods of time, comprising 56 shows with an occupancy of 73%.

Additionally, the festival presented a set of parallel activities with various different stakeholders of the city, drawing an attendance of over 8,000 people.

More information is available at:

Grec 2017 report