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Grec Festival Barcelona: audience survey

A Grec Festival survey to analyse such aspects as the rating spectators give the Festival or the degree of audience loyalty.

This is the 9th edition of a study that began in 1989 and has gradually incorporated new objectives over time. The last three editions (2007, 2011 and 2015) are the most comparable and the most suitable for an analysis of the evolution of results.

According to the overall results of the survey:


The average rating for the Festival as a whole is 7.7.

Aspects that achieve the highest rating are:

  • 4: venues where shows are held
  • 3: show just seen

Aspects that achieve the lowest rating are:

  • 5: discounts
  • 4: Festival ticket prices

All aspects that have been assessed have received a higher rating than previous editions.


On average, spectators intend to attend 3.4 shows during the Festival.

63% of spectators went to the 2014 Grec (nearly 2 out of 3).

56.6% say they attend the Festival every year.

  • Dance audiences are the most loyal: 7% say they attend every year.

21% of audiences are new (it is their first time at the Festival).

  • Concerts and family shows draw most new audiences (27%).


95% of Festival audiences have gone at least once during the year to a theatre, dance or music show.

  • 5% four times a year or more
  • 5% two or three times
  • 5% once a year


  • 70% are university-educated
  • Average age is 5 years
  • 59% of audiences are women

See the full report detailing the results of the 2015 survey (document only available in Catalan).