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Barcelona creative metropolis 2013

The Barcelona City Council has presented Barcelona metròpoli creativa 2013. Economia del coneixement i economia creativa a Barcelona (Barcelona creative metropolis 2013. Knowledge economy and creative economy in Barcelona). This is a detailed study of the knowledge economy, innovation, the information and communication technologies, and the creative industries in Barcelona.

The report was prepared by the Institut d’Estudis Regionals i Metropolitans de Barcelona (IERMB, Barcelona Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies) under commission from the Directorate for Studies of the City Council’s Economy, Business and Employment Area, with the participation of Barcelona City Council’s Institut de Cultura (ICUB).

The study shows that Barcelona is becoming consolidated as a key centre of the knowledge economy, technology and creativity in Catalonia.

Here you’ll find a summary document on the report (only in Catalan).

Barcelona metròpoli creativa 2013