Barcelona Cultura

Let’s take a look at the data on our museum public

For the first time ever, experts of the public administrations and of the public and private museums have gone over these data together.

On the past 29th November we started up the #GrupDeTreball of #PúblicsDelsMuseus – the Working Group on the Museum Public. Experts of the public administrations (Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona Provincial Council and Barcelona City Council) and experts of the public and private museums of Barcelona got together to carry out a joint review of the data on the museum public that have been collected for years.

Why was it necessary to organise this working group?

  • The creation of new proposals and the diversification of the activities and services that the museums are offering at present are putting to the test the system for collecting data on the museum public which have been used up to now.
  • The museum centres are showing an obvious demand for the establishment and sharing of some joint clear-cut criteria on the collecting and processing of these data.
  • The public administrations are interested in reaching agreement among all stakeholders on a unified proposal of data.
  • The review and updating of the reporting items relating to the attendance of public at the museums are tasks that should be carried out on a periodic basis in order to ensure these items’ relevance.

For all these reasons, we feel that the time has come to adapt the respective glossaries to the current needs.

This working group will meet every two months for the purpose of creating and reaching agreement on a new glossary which will be acceptable to the majority of the sector.