Barcelona Cultura

New: Barcino 3D – an application to travel to, walk through and fly over the ancient Roman Barcelona

Barcelona City Council’s Institut de Cultura (ICUB), in collaboration with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), has carried out a project allowing it to recreate in 3D the Roman Barcelona and its surroundings of the late 3rd century CE. All the information is georeferenced so that our modern city can be superimposed on Barcino – the Roman Barcelona –, revealing the location of features like the Roman aqueduct, which crossed today’s Plaça Vuit de Març and Plaça Nova. It also shows a domus situated on today’s Plaça de Sant Miquel, for example, and the underground site beneath the Museu d’Història de Barcelona (MUHBA). Additionally, the application proposes various routes through the Roman Barcelona and contains information on all the archaeological vestiges that have been found in the city.

The recreated model is based on the scientific study conducted by a large group of archaeologists, historians, epigraphers and other experts. The starting point has been the documents of all provenances relating to archaeological excavations, heritage studies and research projects published in connection with the Roman Barcelona.

The application is addressed to different types of users and may be downloaded in three languages (Catalan, Spanish or English) from the website of the Servei d’Arqueologia de Barcelona.

It is currently available for tablets and personal computers, and it will soon be made available for smartphones and Google Earth as well.

Video: Barcino 3D