Barcelona Cultura

Participation of Barcelonans in cultural activities

According to the data of the Òmnibus municipal survey, 92% of the city’s people have taken part in some cultural activity in Barcelona in the six months leading up to the survey.

The percentages of people listed below report that they have taken part in some cultural activity of the respective categories:

  • Cinema: 70%
  • City festival: 70%
  • Museum or exhibition: 58%
  • Library: 54%
  • Concert: 52%
  • Theatre: 43%
  • Civic centre: 40%
  • Conference: 35%
  • Cultural festival: 31%
  • Dance: 11%
  • Opera: 11%

On the average, the city’s people as a whole have participated in 4.7 cultural proposals, although a big difference exists between the attendance figures for young people aged 16 to 24 years (average 6 activities) and the figures for senior citizens (3.6).

By districts, the lower participation of the residents of Ciutat Vella and Nou Barris (average 4.3 and 4.2, respectively) stands out.


Young people aged between 16 and 24 years lead the figures of attendance at city festivals, cinema, libraries, concerts and cultural festivals.

Territorially, the fact stands out that the residents of the districts Nou Barris and Ciutat Vella are among those who have taken part in almost all the cultural activities the least (with the exception of city festivals, in which the residents of Nou Barris participated in above-average numbers). The attendance of the residents of the rest of the city’s districts depends to a large degree on the activity involved. For example, the people living in the Eixample district have attended museums, conferences and cinemas in greater numbers, with scant attendance at civic centres and city festivals, while the residents of the Sant Martí district show practically the highest figures of attendance at civic centres and cultural festivals and above-average attendance at museums and theatre productions, while attending concerts, libraries and cinemas in scant numbers.

More data are available in the complete report on the survey at:

2016 Òmnibus municipal survey. Culture report