Barcelona Cultura

Profile of the visitors to the Barcelona museums. Survey 2016

A study of the visiting public analyses the profile of the individual visitors to 16 museums in the city on the basis of 32,000 surveys.

Once again this year, the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona has presented the results of the survey which it has been conducting on the visitors to the city’s museums for the last five years. The general profile of the individual visitors to the museums is given below:


  • 70% of the visitors to the museums of Barcelona live abroad, mainly in European countries, while 17.7% are residents of the city of Barcelona.


  • 78% of the visitors went to the respective museum for the first time (except in the case of CCCB, which has a more local public, with a rate of 57% repeat visitors).
  • Among the residents of Barcelona, the percentage of people visiting the respective museum centres for the first time dropped to 47%.


  • Since foreign residents form a large majority among visitors, tourist information sources continue to be the main endorser of museums (43%).
  • The other information sources mentioned are personal recommendations (15%), Internet (13%) and the media (8%).

Further information and the results of each of the museums participating in the survey are available at Survey 2016 results report.