Barcelona Cultura

The pandemic and digital audiences


2020 was the year of Covid-19, a pandemic that has had devastating consequences for culture. But it was also the year of the generalised development of new strategies for reaching audiences, during a time when being on site was either prohibited or severely restricted.

In this context, and in very diverse ways, civic centres, museums, exhibition centres, creation factories, libraries, theatres and festivals all explored new ways of connecting with audiences and opened digital channels and platforms in order to respond to this new challenge. In some cases, this focused on school work, others generated activity on a more social and supportive level, while some opted for showing what was happening backstage. They were all projects that came out of collective effort and the need to reinvent oneself, and they were very well received.

Faced with this new reality, the Institute of Culture's Technical Officeworked with some of the cultural stakeholders involved, in order to obtain structured, uniform and comparable quantitative information on digital audiences, data which complement the information we already systematically compile about on-site audiences.

However, the digital world is very diverse, changeable and volatile, and agreeing on standards in such a short space of time was not possible. We will continue to work on it. However, we don't want to stop compiling data and showing, in some way, the efforts and the results of a digital activity that increased exponentially in 2020 and which is here to stay.

For all of those reasons, we present digital activity data and indicators for 2020 (in catalan), a compilation of some of the actions carried out. We know that this is a partial and incomplete compilation (and under permanent construction!). but we are sharing it with the aim of showcasing and recording the diversity of what is on offer, which is difficult to quantify, and the efforts made by stakeholders to continue creating culture in times of pandemic, exploring the possibilities offered by the digital world.