Barcelona Cultura

Diagnosis prior to the Barcelona Cultural Pact

The municipal government and opposition promote the Barcelona Cultural Pact, which makes it possible to agree on measures to meet new future challenges

In November 2019, within the framework of the City Council’s Commission for Social Rights, Culture and Sports, all of the municipal groups agreed –on the proposition of JxCat and the support of ERC– to work together to establish the basis for the Barcelona Cultural Pact. 

The emergence of the health crisis caused by Covid19 in March 2020 led to a redefinition of the mission, in order to adjust it to the new realities and challenges in the area of cultural policies. Therefore, in the midst of the pandemic, in July 2020, the Barcelona Cultural Pact was approved, bringing together the country’s main institutions and organisations with the aim of identifying the most important cultural challenges.

This agreement defined various lines of action which would form the basis for fostering the transformation needed in Barcelona’s cultural policy, through the agreement of all the political forces present in the City Council. The result of this work was presented on Friday 4 June in the City Hall’s Saló de Cent:

As a preliminary phase of the proposed pact, a diagnosis was conducted of the state of Barcelona’s cultural sector, which you can consult in this document: