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Profile of museum visitors. Survey 2020

The Covid-19 crisis had an unavoidable direct impact on the number of people visiting museums in 2020, and on the configuration of the profile of those visitors.

In spite of everything, the centres taking part in the museum survey, promoted by the Barcelona Institute of Culture since 2011, have maintained their efforts to survey their visitors, in order to find out more about their public during such a different, complex year.

Therefore, we once again present the report on the results of the museum survey, a questionnaire that the Barcelona Institute of Culture has been promoting since 2011, in order to study the profile and habits of the people visiting the city's museums.

This year, the report places special emphasis on the change in the profile of museum visitors (pre-Covid versus post lockdown), which saw the almost total disappearance of foreign nationals, and an increase in the percentage of local residents.

The 2020 report also contains a preview of the results of some questions on Covid-19 and visiting museums, which were first asked at the beginning of 2021.

The survey was presented on Friday 14 May. At these links, you can see the video and the analysis document presented during the session: