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Civic centres indicators: a success 25/07/2017

Barcelona’s network of civic centres is consolidating a joint system of indicators to further the knowledge of the activity carried out at these facilities. The civic centres of the city began to be coordinated by the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB) in 2012 and, among other lines of work which were implemented, the design of […]

Presentation of Grec 2017 and the Grec 2016 report 22/06/2017

Under the leadership of the festival’s new director, Cesc Casadesús, the Grec 2017 Festival of Barcelona is making its appearance. Grec 2017 is structured along two main programming lines: Grec Montjuïc hosts a large part of the most international aspect of the festival on Montjuïc hill. Grec Ciutat highlights local creativity with companies and productions […]

Night of the Museums 2017: 87 centres and 176,000 visitors 08/06/2017

On the night of Saturday, 20th May, 87 museum centres of Barcelona and its metropolitan area were visited by 176,364 people. The participation of centres based outside Barcelona has been growing year by year and the 15 centres of this type which took part in the initiative in 2017 accounted for 10% of the total visitors. […]

Participation of Barcelonans in cultural activities 03/05/2017

According to the data of the Òmnibus municipal survey, 92% of the city’s people have taken part in some cultural activity in Barcelona in the six months leading up to the survey. The percentages of people listed below report that they have taken part in some cultural activity of the respective categories: Cinema: 70% City festival: […]

Performing arts 2016: the offering drops while sales rise 29/03/2017

The performing arts offering in Barcelona continued to follow the downward trend that began in 2011 but the number of spectators grew a timid 2% over 2015. In recent years the performing arts field in Barcelona has been progressively reducing its offering of productions, performances and seats, while its spectator figures have slowly begun to […]

Attendance Report for La Mercè 2016 08/11/2016

Between 22 and 25 September Barcelona celebrated its annual city festival. In 2016, the feast of Saint Mercè fell on a Saturday which meant the festival would be short and condensed and that most activities would be held over the weekend. A noteworthy feature of this year’s festival was the diversification of venues, with the […]